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Privacy Policy

In compliance with the GLBA, we do not share nonpublic personal information about a consumer with a nonaffiliated third party, unless allowed by law.

  • We protect nonpublic personal information of customers and consumers.

  • We allow access on need to know basis only. 

  • We allow customers and consumers to review their nonpublic personal information that we have collected, and we allow them to provide us with requests for amendment or deletion of such information, to which we will reasonably respond.

  • We require consent from a proper party to the transaction to provide nonpublic personal information relating to that transaction. On closed files, we require a written instruction by a party.

  • We have implemented a security procedure for protection of nonpublic personal information: we allow only authorized personnel to review the information, and we keep closed files in secure storage, with limited access, or we store the files on computer with limited password access.

  • We don't share copies of owner's policies of customers on residential transactions, unless at the request of the insured owner.

  • We don't share nonpublic personal information, such as social security numbers, shown on affidavits of identity.